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Media Appearances - Radio

The issues I am invited into studio to discuss are mainly EU - focused, including new Treaties, European Elections, the Refugee Crisis, the Financial Crisis, and Brexit.


I am also called upon to give insight to gender-based developments, such as gender quotas in elections, A Day Without Women, and the gendered politics of student movements and policies of third-level educational institutions. 


I bring a research-based perspective to the topics, offering a wide range of in-depth, substantive points that build upon the snapshots and stories produced by the more time-pressured, news-focused media, as well as a more nuanced context.


A list of media contributions is available on PDF under "Media Appearances".  The most recent contributions are available below.

RTE Radio 1 22 / 02/ 2020

Saturday with Cormac Ó hEadhra

RTE SwCOH 22 Feb 2020 Control SF.PNG

In studio with newly [re]elected TDs, talking about claims made about control of the most successful party in GE2020, I asked 'where's the evidence'? A listener tweeted a clip of my attempts to put the question in evidentiary and political context - below is the link to the podcast:

RTE SwCOH Twitter image studio.PNG

RTE Radio 1 03/01/2020

Today with Sean O' Rourke

RTE Today SOR The Gathering 3 Jan 2020.P

As part of the panel hosted every Friday to review with week's events, "The Gathering", we discussed the forthcoming General Election, the FAI's apology, and a proposed ban on petrol and diesel cars. I argued for the need to include diversity on Boards, especially women, the need for better government support for electric vehicles as part of our climate change strategy, and for funding for grass-roots football clubs instead of bailouts to compensate for FAI's €62m debts. The podcast is below:

202001~1.MP3Artist Name
00:00 / 22:38

RTE Radio 1 19/01/2019

Saturday with Cormac Ó hEadhra

More Media Appearances on Radio to come....

RTE SwCOH 19 Jan 2019 Meat & Michael McD

An interesting panel where I argued vehemently against the characterisation of the EAT-Lancet report, on Meat and Climate Change (written by 37 researchers and based on 357 other studies) by Senator Michael McDowell as irrelevant to the climate emergency and dismissed as "just written by a couple of GPs".  I am an ethical vegan for the past five years, and vegetarian my whole life (I've had my few slip-ups too!) and drive an electric car as part of my radical feminist philosophy of ecofeminism and anti-speciesism.  It demonstrates the differences in views and behaviours between the establishment NUI senators and my own - the podcast is below:

00:00 / 49:48

Dr. Karen Devine


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