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Dr. Karen Devine, Independent, Seanad Éireann election, NUI Constituency

I ran in the Seanad Éireann Election 2020 for a seat on the National University of Ireland (NUI) Panel.  My no.1 vote preferences increased by 12% from the 2016 election result.

I stand for Equality Within Ireland, and Equality for Ireland, focusing on Equality in Education, Gender, and Ireland's relations with the European Union.


I seek to bring about progressive systemic change in terms of government policy, Oireachtas legislation, and societal norms and attitudes in these areas.

Below is a summary of my priorities - further details on my proposed plan of actions are available at the end of this page:

Seanad Éireann Campaign Issues

Seanad Summary Agenda Litir.png

There are three strands to my Seanad Éireann National University of Ireland (NUI) campaign and policy agenda, namely:

Gender Equality

Gender symbol.PNG

Education Equality

Education symbol.PNG

EU Equality

Justice Scales EU.PNG

Dr. Karen Devine


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