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Oireachtas Engagement

One of the benefits of being an elected representative sitting on a Joint Oireachtas Committee is the ability to invite experts to speak to a policy area that politicians wish to know more about in order to shape progress and policy in that area.


I have been honoured on a number of occasions by being asked to go before the Houses of the Oireachtas as an expert witness in the areas of Foreign, Security and Defence Policy, European Union politics, and Irish Neutrality based on my peer-reviewed publications, research output and international academic reputation as a Chevening Scholar, (UK), Fulbright Scholar (USA) and Government of Ireland Scholar (Ireland).

I speak truth to power in every presentation, and put on the record of the House, the facts and information that are normally unattended to by the media, think-tanks and other stakeholders.  Post-presentation exchanges are robust, and from my perspective as an academic, very informative in terms of understanding the perspectives of the political parties in the Houses of the Oireachtas.

I have included here, presentations, speaking notes, transcripts, and where possible, videos of my expert witness testimony. 

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Dr. Karen Devine


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