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Media Appearances - Public Events

Desmond Greaves Summer School 2019

I am on the Board of the Desmond Greaves Summer School, that organises a left-wing, non-partisan, annual summer school in Dublin, covering a broad range of historical, political, social and economic issues through talks and debates. I have presented papers and chaired panels over the past ten years, and find the Summer School speakers and audiences a source of inspirational critique and a refreshing antidote to the neoliberal mainstream consensus. 

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ISME Annual Conference 2019 - Brexit Panel

I was honoured to be asked to be part of the Irish Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Association's (ISME) Annual Conference in 2019, speaking on the topic of Brexit. I was thrilled to meet many SME owners and workers, and to understand their businesses and their views on Brexit.  The timing of the conference, 23rd October 2019, was a week before the planned 31st October exit date, with speculation rife in the media on a no-deal exit. I maintained that the UK would leave with a deal, specifically with Theresa May's deal, even if it required an extension to the timeline, because it was in the interests of both the UK and the EU. 

ISME Annual Conference 2019 Brexit Panel

Dr. Karen Devine


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