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Publications - Newspaper Articles

Newspaper articles can provide a valuable outlet for research findings and informing citizens about public policies. I have written, upon request, a number of 'public service' articles on the topics of the development of neutrality as a foreign, security and defence policy, public attitudes to neutrality, the implications of the Lisbon Treaty for Irish neutrality, and the politics of a Brexit deal for The Irish Times and The Times of London.


I also provide research-based analysis for journalists gathering angles for their articles on Ireland and the European Union, for example, The Sunday Business Post, The, The Irish Examiner, The Guardian, and The Financial Times, and for foreign outlets such as Le Soir (Belgium), Akahata (Japan) and Dziennik (Poland).


Given that academic research is a public good, paid for out of the citizens' purse, it is important to contribute to discourses as part of democratic processes and community service.

A few examples of articles are provided below:

Irish Times 24 Nov 2008.JPG
Protecting Neutrality Pic.JPG
Tug of War pic.JPG
A fair Brexit.JPG

Dr. Karen Devine


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